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Welcome to A-Flowers official website. Seems like you have questions! We will try to answer some of them in this section. If something still remains unclear, please contact support.

What is A-Flowers?

A-Flowers is a company dealing with sale of flowers, plants and related products. Our team consists of professionals, both in the field of floristry and business. Following the increased demand for our products, we opened an online store where you can buy fresh flowers for every taste, with home delivery.

The advantages of our online store

Sometimes there is absolutely no time for tedious trips to the flower shop, where you won't always what you are looking for. When ordering flowers from us, you save time, money and nerves. Any product can be delivered to your door address. Wide reange of products and good prices make us the perfect solution to almost any situation where you need flowers.

How to buy flowers in the shop?

Do it in the same manner as in case of any other online retailer. The system is simple and straightforward. It is understandable at an intuitive level, even for the novice user. Just follow these simple steps:

- Go to the online store (you may also want to log in)
- Browse the selection of products
- Click on a product you are interested in to be taken to a page with its description
- On each product page there is a button „Add to cart"
- Add this item to your cart. Now you can continue shopping or proceed to checkout
- In you virtual shopping cart, you can edit the list of selected items or and go to payment section
- When ordering, you will need to add required personal information: name and surname, exact address, phone number
- Always indicate the actual recipient of the order
- Choose a payment method
- Pay for the order and wait for the confirmation that will be sent to your e-mail address

If you still have questions, please contact our support team.

Why do I need a personal account for this store?

A personal account might be useful to you if you want to purchase flowers with greater convenience and less waste of time. In your account the purchase history is stored, and there you can add the default address of delivery, to avoid typing the same data each time. Only youcan access your account, as it will be password protected.

Are your flowers really fresh?

Yes, they are. We carry out regular supply of the freshest flowers from the world's leading growers, observing all the norms of transportation required for these delicate goods. During the long years of work in this area, we have worked out this scheme to the smallest detail. In addition, two sales offices in Tallinn ensure regular sales.

I live in Tartu, but I really like your bouquets! What shall I do?

It's simple: we can deliver even to Tartu, very quickly!

I do not like this bouquet I bought. Can I return it?

Unfortunately, we can not accept back bought flowers and bouquets, as these products have a short life span. What you see is what you get. Therefore, you should choose carefully. As for the composition of bouquets and flower baskets you order from our florists: you have to trust our experience and taste.