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Order Conditions and Safety Policy

Delivery Period
Delivery is performed by the day and the time period indicated in the order. Delivery is possible within 2-3 hours during weekdays after arrival of payment (where the payment arrives before 16:00 local time). Where the payment arrives after 16:00 delivery may be carried over to the next day.

Delivery During Holidays
Due to significant increase in the number of orders during holidays processing and delivery in most cases are performed within one day. Accordingly we cannot guarantee delivery strictly by the time indicated in the order. Due to large number of orders during holidays we kindly ask you to place your orders at least in 2-5 days in advance.

Rules of Delivery
We always attempt to call a gift recipient and specify his/her current location.
Where by the moment of delivery customer is not at home, we may (at our discretion):
1. Leave the flowers with neighbors, having first informed the recipient where exactly he/she can collect the gift.
2. Deliver the flowers to the same address few hours later.
Providing incomplete or inaccurate address or phone numbers may considerably impede delivery. To avoid any delays please make sure you provide complete and accurate information about the gift recipient.

It may be impossible to deliver a gift for the following reasons:
1) customer has indicated inexistent or incomplete address;
2) recipient has moved or left the city;
3) recipient refuses to accept flowers (if such is the case no refund is possible as flowers is a perishable product).

If the address you specify is located outside the city that is indicated when placing the order and no delivery is possible the order is considered to have a wrong address and cannot be performed. In such a case the order is cancelled. If delivery to the selected location is possible, but will cost more than delivery to the selected city you will be offered an option to make an additional payment. The order will be fulfilled after the complete payment is received. Where no additional payment can be made but the order must be delivered, we will deliver less flowers to recipient.

Where a duly paid order is not performed due to a fault of A-Flowers (www.flower.ee) we guarantee full refund or will offer you to deliver flowers as soon as possible. We do not refund bigger sums than those received during order placement.

Please follow these steps to make sure your order is properly delivered.

Select a bouquet or a gift on a left side of a section page or on the main page and click ‘Add to Shopping cart'. If you wish to add several similar gifts simply click ‘Add to Shopping cart' the desired number of times. The content of your basket is always indicated on the right side of the screen under the title ‘Shopping cart'.
1. Please, check the content of your order. You may add more goods to you shopping cart or you may remove unwanted goods.
2. After you have made your choice click on ‘Place an Order' button.
3. A new form appears where you should fill in the following sections: Name, phone number, email and postal address of the sender; Name, surname email and postal address of the recipient; Date and time of delivery.
4. Please, keep in mind that delivery price is added to the order total when you select country and city for delivery. Information on the price of delivery is indicated in the right column under the ‘Delivery Total'.
5. The text on the attached card is the only information on the sender available to the recipient. If no card is added we assume that sender wishes to remain anonymous.
6. Please, be very careful when placing an order and especially when indicating recipient's and your own contact details - fast and accurate delivery of your order depends on these details.
7. After clicking on the ‘Next' button you will see full information on your order and the amount payable (including delivery expenses). If you wish you may return and change the details by clicking on the ‘Change the Order' button.
8. Below the entered information you will see your payment options. Select an option that suits you best. Please consider that e.g. ‘International Bank Transfer' may take up to 5-10 days. When placing your order keep in mind the time it takes for the payment to reach us.
When your payment is confirmed we will send you an email notification. If we need to specify certain details we will contact you with email or will call you on the phone.
If when you place your order we do not have required goods in stock we will inform you and offer a replacement. For instance, instead of a red rose bouquet we may offer you a white rose bouquet. If you do not like our replacement offer you may cancel the order.

Order Confirmation
After an order is accepted customer receives a confirmation that contains a special system number. After delivery is confirmed by a courier we immediately inform customer with respective email message.

Cancelling Your Order
You have a right to cancel your order before it is delivered and have your money back within 5 working days. You may cancel your order by calling (+372) 6 379 054 or (+372) 6 379 055. Keep in mind that you may cancel your order no later than one day before the delivery time. It is impossible to cancel your order later.
You may not cancel a special order (something order outside a normal selection of our web store). Sender shall be responsible if recipient does not receive an order due to a mistake made by sender. Please make sure you fill in the section with your own contact details so that we may contact you in case of any complications.

Order Status
You may ask about your order status by calling (+372) 6 379 054, (+372) 6 379 055 or by sending an e-mail message. Please indicate your order's system number in the Subject line. Registered users may check order status in ‘My Orders' section (you must log in using your username and password).

Safety Policy
Customer information is strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third parties. All money transfer operations including order details are sent by using safe SSL protocol. You may check authenticity of our SSL certificate by visiting our website with HTTPS connection. When SSL protocol is on all data transferred to our server is encrypted with 1024-bit RSA encryption key and cannot be accessed by any third parties.
In case of credit card payment seller cannot see credit card information entered by customer. In this case customer is redirected to a safe environment of the Banking Card Center; he enters his credit card details in the Banking Card Center's database. All relevant information is stored only on the Banking Card Center's server.
Authorization system guarantees that customer's payment and card details (card number, expiry date, CVV2/CVC2) are safe from fraud. These details are not stored on our website and cannot be stolen.
All information is transferred to the Banking Card Center through a safe connection.