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Payment options:
Payment in cash in Tallinn
Payment with credit card VisaCard and MasterCard/EuroCard
Payment by the International bank transfer (SWIFT)
Payment by bank transfer
Payment via WebMoney Transfer
Payment via PayPal

Payment in cash in Tallinn
If you stay in Tallinn and your order has been made through Internet site, you can choose the way of payment as follows:
CASH. You can pay for the order in cash at our office at the address: Peterburi tee 56i. On working days we work from 08.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. You can find more details of our location in the contacts section. To use this way of payment you should remember or write down the number of your order after having sent the order and, when paying for the order, indicate its number of your order. The order must be paid for one day before the delivery date.

Payment with credit card VisaCard and MasterCard/EuroCard
If your order has been made through Internet site, you might prefer to pay with a Credit Card. We accept only VisaCards and MasterCards/EuroCards. The sum will be withdrawn from your credit card in Euros. When paying with credit card you should enter the following data:
1. The number of the credit card.
2. Credit card expiry date, month and year.
3. Control number (CVV-Code), the control number consists of 3 digits and usually is indicated on the signature side.
4. Card's owner: you should indicate your first name and surname as indicated on the credit card.

Possible problems with payment when paying with credit card:
Wrongly entered credit card data.
Insufficient resources on the card for paying for the order.
Prohibition for payments in Internet shops - it will be introduced by the bank, the holder of the credit card. In this case, it is recommended to contact your bank and cancel this limitation.

If problems with payment arise, we will cancel your order and inform you of this by e-mail.

Payment by the International bank transfer (SWIFT)
At the order through a site, you can choose a method of paying by an International Bank Transfer (SWIFT)
The money should come in full and in monetary EURO unit
ATTENTION!!! The international Bank Transfer can take till 5 working days. We kindly ask you to consider this when choosing the date and time of delivery.

Data for bank transfer:
Name: A-Flowers OÜ
Account/IBAN: EE731010220028494015
Bank-correspondent of bank: SEB, SWEDEN, STOCKHOLM
The country of the addressee of payment: ESTONIA.
In the note, please, specify: Tellimus nr. (Order number)

Payment by bank transfer
When ordering through the website, you can pay by bank transfer, this service is available only to residents of Estonia or for those who have an account in Estonian banks. We accept payment only in Euros.
When ordering, you can choose the bank that you have an account in.
We have accounts in the following banks: Swedbank, SEB.

Payment via WebMoney Transfer
When ordering through the website, you can pay for your order via WebMoney Transfer. For payment via WebMoney Transfer you must have an account (wallet) in the system WebMoney Transfer. When you pay for the order via WebMoney, you can choose the currency of payment - we accept payments with WMZ (USD), WMR (RUB) and WME (EUR) purses. Payment is only through the Merchant WebMoney.


Payment via PayPal
When ordering through the website, you have the opportunity to choose to pay via PayPal.
When you select a payment through PayPal you have the opportunity to pay for your order if you have a PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account you will be immediately prompted to create one, you will need to fill in the fields required for registration, as well as your credit card details. After confirming your payment, you will be redirected back to our site, then your order will be accepted for processing.